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Getting To Zero (CO2 Emissions) at Central Baptist Church

On Sunday, October 11, 2015, Central Baptist Church (CBC) in Wayne, PA, celebrated that it has reached “minus Zero” in its Getting to Zero campaign to reduce congregational carbon emissions.  The campaign was designed and conducted by the Ecology Mission Group (EMG) at CBC.

CBC’s EMG decided to offset its CO2 emissions several years ago, and focused at first on offsetting emissions from the operation of the building; i.e., the emissions from the use of electricity and natural gas, which the EMG estimated to total 41,000 pounds per year. The EMG developed three programs, described below, to offset these emissions:  solar panels, light bulbs, and wind energy. 

After these programs brought building use to carbon neutral in 2014, the EMG realized that an even greater carbon footprint than building use was probably congregational travel.  During 2015 the Getting to Zero campaign encouraged families to estimate and then to purchase offsets to their own CBC-related travel.  With help from the congregation, EMG estimated these emissions at 66,000 pounds per year. Over the summer of 2015, more than enough offsets were purchased to declare the congregation “minus Zero”.


To achieve a modest level of environmental justice for the Earth, the Peacemakers Mission Group and the Ecology Mission Group bring this resolution to the members of Central Baptist Church.

Whereas one of the biggest threats to the environment and to the people and wildlife of the Earth is climate change brought on by the burning of fossil fuels, and

Whereas we recognize that our lifestyles contribute to this threat, and

Whereas we are called to be responsible stewards of God's creation, and

Whereas the operations of the church building and its functions have already been reduced or offset, making us a carbon neutral place of worship excluding transportation-related emissions,

Central Baptist Church resolves to continue working to become a carbon neutral congregation.

In order to do this, we resolve to  offset or reduce carbon dioxide emissions for  transportation-related emissions from staff and congregation for travel to and from the building, partnership activities, and off-site church activities.

We resolve to organize a collective and cooperative effort by those of the church who wish to participate.