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Radical Readers

Radical Readers.... Texts that Changed the World

A monthly reading/discussion group held at the Gryphon Cafe (across the street from the church).  It's always a lively discussion, and involves people from the church and from the community.


Tuesday November 21st, 7:00 p.m. at the Gryphon Café.

This month we’re reading selections from Pensées by Blaise Pascal.  Pascal (1623-1662) is one of the most fascinating figures of western philosophy.  A brilliant mathematician and scientist, Pascal pioneered work in probability theory, fluid dynamics, and clarifying the concepts of pressure and vacuum.  At the age of 31 he had a dramatic spiritual experience that moved him to a deep belief in God.  For the remainder of his life he worked on a grand defense of the Christian faith, which he hoped would be his magnum opus.  He never completed it, but left behind a collection of highly annotated fragments, which were compiled after his death as Pensées (“Thoughts”). 
Arranged and published in various forms over the centuries, Pascal’s fragments are eclectic, insightful, and sometimes masterpieces in their own right.  We will be reading the collection that is available for free (to print out, or for e-readers) from Project Gutenberg.  Go to .  If you have problems downloading, talk to Tom Beers and he’ll give you either an electronic or print copy.  Come join the discussion!