Held on Sundays year round Central Baptist Church gathers as a community to worship our loving God, have our heart, mind, and soul fed, and enjoy the developing and deepening friendships of this dynamic faith community.  Guests are always welcome and everyone is invited to participate in the taking of communion held on the first Sunday of each month. 
Using guitars, drums, piano and other instruments, the CBC band brings a variety of contemporary musical styles to the Sunday worship service. Working collaboratively, the musicians and singers provide leadership with congregational pieces and other musical presentations. The band welcomes participation of interested musicians and vocalists, either on a regular or occasional basis.

From September until mid June the Adult Choir sings in the Worship Service with selections from a variety of anthems and service music to complement worship themes. They rehearse most Thursday evenings from 7:15 to 9 pm, and briefly before the Sunday service.  Traditionally, the choir and an orchestra comprised of local community members and CBCers present musical programs on Easter and the 4th Sunday of Advent.  Join us for the whole year, or seasonally.

Popular in medieval times through the baroque era, these woodwind instruments  revived in the 20th century.   Recorder selections are part of our worship service on a monthly basis.  Practice usually takes place on Tuesday evenings with descant/ soprano, treble/alto, tenor, bass, great basses and contrabasses welcomed for this  ensemble. 

Typically CBC is graced with an orchestra twice during the year bringing the full sound of classical musical selections to our Worship Commons.  Quite a number of CBCers, including youth and young adults, join instrumentalists from our area for these special Sunday Morning Worship times (usually once in Advent and then at Easter).

If liturgical or expressive dance is part of your repertoire, you may want to join a small group of people, who, on occasion, contribute to our worship in this way.  Rhythmic and expressive movements bring life to a story in ways that can deeply and spiritually connect with both participants and observers.

Drama invites us to enter a narrative and learn from its unique portrayal of life themes. Sometimes at CBC the scriptural text during worship is heard as a dramatic reading.  Sometimes short original dramas are presented.  With a history of our children presenting musicals, new interest in an inter-generational drama has been percolating.  Let us know if you’d like to see that happen.30